Let the repairing begin

As the dominant system becomes more tyrannical, perverse and destructive by the day, an undercurrent of collapse expectation is quite popular within the alternative culture.

The idea of system collapse raises fear, even panic, as well as hopes.

Heard_of_Cats_by_speedycrabincA big question about the collapse is when. Is it imminent? And what is imminent? Six months, three decades, two centuries?

For over twenty years it has been fashionable, even in mainstream media, to highlight the un-sustainability of the present way of life, of high impact economic growth, of explosive demographics.

More recently the fragility of the financial model on which global society functions has been laid bare for all to see.

Yet so far, through expedients, manipulations, and lies, the system has managed to carry on regardless, dragging along a vast majority of frightened brainwashed folks.

There is probably little point speculating about the imminent or not so imminent collapse. The whole issue is beyond the capacity of our reasoning intellect.

So what is intuition suggesting then?

Firstly it reminds us that, to the best of our knowledge, we seem to be wavelets in the universal ocean of information, consciousness and intention. Eternal wavelets presently materialised in the here and now.

It also reminds us that everything happening at the visible level is just manifestation of thoughts, intentions, subtle coding in the invisible realm.

Change the coding in the invisible realm and you change everything in “this world”.

And we can alter the coding through opening our heart, through letting go of bitterness, disdain, meanness, judgement…

In practice, intuition suggests to quietly turn to nature, inner energy and patient collaboration in every aspect of our lives, rather than to hard technologies, aggressive competition and social posturing.

In other words, our little voice suggests to start repairing the planet and society through individual modest, local, concrete actions and day to day behaviour. Each little action or thought sends an impulse in the universal web of coding.

Total trust and total integrity are keys. No compromising with the false values of the corrupt system. No compliance. No sponsoring of any action by big companies only interested in PR stunts.

So while the system may continue its slide into the abyss, parallel restoration of harmony is quite conceivable in a holistic worldview.

It is your choice which flow you decide to follow: consumerism, nationalism, biggotry, fear, agitation, or spirituality, non judgement, confidence.

Fear not, trust your Invisible Partner, again, and again.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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