The People’s Voice

David Icke and a dedicated group around him are about to launch a new alternative TV and radio station.

This is great news.

For all the controversy surrounding the man, the fact is that David Icke has exposed incredibly important pieces of truth with a clarity, courage and perseverance which very few others have come anywhere near to.

Even more crucially, his perspective is that of a metaphysician recognising that reality is far broader than envisaged through the narrow lenses of the usual materialist world view.

A recognition he sums it up brilliantly through his often repeated “we are infinite consciousness having an experience”.

And our collective experience at this juncture is truly extraordinary. Lots of very painful stuff and at the same time lots of light, creativity and attempted alignment with universal loving consciousness.

Good luck to “The People’s Voice”.

Here is the link to his recent video appeal for donations:

Fear not, clear you mind and leave mental slavery behind.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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