Don’t panic when awakening

Reality is so totally different from the illusion created in our minds by mainstream society that you may get a shock when the wall of false beliefs begins to crack.

imagesAccelerating events suggest that most of what we have been taught since childhood is part of a global mind control effort by a cold, manipulative, unfriendly system.

A growing minority of people are beginning to grasp this.

And they are also beginning to realise that the material world is only a perception at a certain level of vibration. In a way similar to the fact that what we “see” is limited information carried by a very narrow “visible” range of electro-magnetic radiations.

Non material reality is infinitely bigger that anything appearing in the material world.

And for some reason difficult to elucidate, the material world, at least on planet earth, seems in the grip of disharmonious forces.

Which is in striking contrast to the evident harmony and benevolence of universal consciousness underpinning everything from the invisible to the material.

Becoming gradually aware of all this is like walking through a screen not knowing what to expect on the other side.

So you can forgive yourself for feeling unsettled and anxious right now.

Just accept the initial burst of anxiety, let your mind calm down and become attentive to your thoughts when you consider the world with a new mindset free of materialism (and dogmatic religion).

Once you have become even partly aware, you can’t possibly feel good at the thought of going back to your old mental cage of narrow beliefs.

Your path now is light, kindness, non judgment and love. You are in the process of letting go of ego and fear. These two are totally intertwined, to a point that someone rightly said “the ego is the frightened part of us”.

Becoming aware, you can see the global conspiracy turning into global dictatorship.

But you can also see that this terrible story is only a story. A story in the illusory pseudo reality perceived by our mind in the grip of narrow thoughts.

You can decide to generate positive thoughts that will keep you at a distance from the illusory story.

You can decide to play a positive role in the illusory story: not comply with the system, refuse to believe propaganda, refuse to have designated enemies, refuse to eat poisoned industrial food, refuse to compete rather than cooperate, refuse to subject your body and your mind to crude medical procedures, refuse to be entertained by junk media and their pervert symbols.

This is a time of reckoning.

Free yourself from cowardice, meanness and any idea of superiority or specialness. Embrace oneness and solidarity with all that exists. Dance with your Invisible Partner. It’s the only path to harmony and joy.

Fear not, and go without turning back.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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