Heading towards the light – tough for 30 year olds

By Kitty commenting on a post by Zen Gardner (*)

The worst to crack are strangely the young in their thirties. The ones just starting along or establishing careers.

If you tell them anything remotely “weird” or try to open their eyes to even seemingly simple truths like our debt based monetary system they immediately get on the defensive and close up totally.

This is the fear factor.

If you are say 33, have a young family and are collecting “stuff”, including a rather large mortgage, and are told that this is all illusory and rather meaningless, dragging yourself out of that system is almost impossible and absolutely terrifying.

During their inculcation (education) with state rhetoric this group of people actually believe their government is a benign entity doing all it can to help and support them.

We are slaves to our fear generated by those who think they are our masters.

Getting out of that cave by removing the shackles and heading towards the light needs serious work and some people would simply prefer to wallow in their own cognitive dissonance because even that nightmare is warm and comfortable compared to the glaring light of truth.

I think the way to go is to not assume anything about people, the one thing you can predict about people is they are unpredictable !

Some younger people are a worry. They seem to have lost the will to live and view their situation as hopeless. They are the generation subjected to the full spectrum of the control system in all its forms.

Still we must carry on, have no fear. Fear is illusory.

What are we truly afraid of?

Face it, (the fear). Move on, and out of the control system.

Practice compassion, kindness, give of yourself freely.

Be loving, just be.

Even if you open the eyes of one person you have done well and made a difference however small and that’s how it starts, small beginnings, little acorns !!



(*) For the article by Zen Gardner and all comments, including Kitty’s:


Many thanks to Zen and Kitty


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