Streetwise metaphysics to navigate through the crisis

There are so many hard and conflicting pressures on everybody these days that the whole consciousness/personal development movement may at times appear like airy fairy wishful thinking of no real help.

And to make matters worse, many highly visible teachers, writers and gurus on spirituality, alternative healing and global conspiracy may be quite irritating at times.

But don’t dismiss them too quickly.

Despite their egos sometimes getting in the way, the broad direction of their teaching is highly valuable.

If you listen to them carefully, you realise they converge on the essential: reality is broader than what we perceive, everything is connected, we’re all part of oneness, the universe (or multi-verse) is conscious and full of love and harmony despite darkness and evil, nothing happens by chance, everything has a meaning, we are eternal waves of consciousness having an earthy experience.

These metaphysical points are extraordinarily relevant in practical life.

Once you have digested the central idea of oneness, your attitude towards existence and your relationships with other people and creatures are changed for ever.

It no longer makes sense to be racist, nationalist, chauvinist, and discriminatory, it no longer makes sense to blame and cast judgments, and it no longer makes sense to regard diseases and accidents as just meaningless bad luck and ignore the messages they bring.

In fact metaphysics leads your mind towards the exact opposite of the dominant mentality in our society, which is based on fear, prejudices and fragmentation of thoughts. As events on the planet accelerate, it is essential to rely on the holistic views of metaphysics.

Without them you are prey to the manipulative system of mind control that rules the world (for the time being).

You believe the propaganda dished out by establishment media and get distracted by their drivel.

You believe struggling and competing are inherent to human condition, and as a consequence live in anxiety and stress, taking the wrong steps and getting shoved about without be able to grasp the subtle messages delivered by higher consciousness.

But in using metaphysics, you have to be intuitive and streetwise, open minded, avoiding any form of dogmatism, taking things with humour and a pinch of salt, and tuning down the ego.

This takes practice, constant practice. Patience, perseverance. But the rewards are immense and sustained. Unlike the rapidly shrinking rewards of materialism.

Fear not, cultivate your relationship with the Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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