Welcome to no solidity, no fear, no control

All you’ll ever know (and feel) about “reality” in this life are perceptions and thoughts in your mind.

This gives you a choice.

You can accept the programming dumped in your mind by society and spend your entire life in fear, self importance, competition, constantly hitting the walls of a minuscule cage of material preoccupations and whims of ego.

Or you can be free, nurture higher feelings, seek understanding, love, creativity, connection with light and beauty and perceive the vast, infinite grace of existence.

If you choose the latter, a good way to start is by developing a sense of non solidity.


Go outside, in a garden, on a bench, at a bus stop, or wherever you can sit or stand calm and relaxed. Then let the pictures and sounds come to you, and begin to see or hear them as ever so light and hollow; a hologram of impressions, nothing solid or material about them. You could walk through them, like a ghost.

When that sensation of non solidity begins to feel real, your state of mind starts evolving towards more detachment, less fear and a weaker urge to control. You are gently moving towards a state of “let go”, yet being very present, more attentive and focused.

In that state, the inner little voice can be heard more clearly, and you sense the Invisible Partner next to you and in you. You feel his strength and kindness. You trust him. You know he is stronger than the forces of evil and disharmony. Whatever the apparent circumstances, whatever the turbulences, he will help you move in the direction of general harmony.

You don’t need to study complicated philosophical theories, or research the potential meanings of scriptures and dogmas. Simply let go and trust the Invisible Partner. Let the wisdom of intuition fill your mind, keep your dry reasoning intellect in a box, to be used only for small jobs but not to run your life.

In that freer state of mind, the whole logic of existence appears different. There are no enemies, no frontiers, no demarcations. Our universe, infinitely vast as it is, might just be one among many potential universes, depending on the parameters of observation. Time might be reversible, or just be another illusion linked to the mode of observation.

In fact a whole realm of “meta-logic” (alongside “meta-physics”) opens up once you leave behind the limitations of materialist thinking.

And this ultimately translates into a completely different way of interacting with your environment in everyday life.

Although it must be said that beginners on the path towards enlightenment are under serious temptation to fall back into old materialist reactions whenever the going gets tough.

But the game is worth it.

Fear not, breathe and trust



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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  1. Ian Cormack
    May 02, 2013 @ 21:49:25

    Good post … as always Leo … Do you happen to have a Facebook page …???


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