Signs of awareness

It’s interesting to look at comments on articles in the mainstream press and spot the multiple signs of growing (if still partial) awareness.

Here is an example among many concerning the economy.

It’s from the Financial Times; the article is entitled US Jobs data: hints for the global economy

Nothing surprising in the article itself, but here is the comment (signed by “Is it that easy?”):

An excellent summation as always.

However, artificial job creation due to monetary means (e.g. housing, autos and other consumption) will by definition not exist when artificial means are withdrawn – just ask construction workers post 2007 or tech & telecom workers post 2000.

Combined with marginal buyers of assets at these artificial levels getting hammered and political pressure to fund govt/political obligations, the Fed will not normalise so we are left in a bizarre, distorted world, shovelling ever greater income and wealth to the wealthiest and stealing from our children.

Looking at job numbers and other metrics on asset prices, growth etc when we are in a deluded, artificial world doesn’t help much…what would it look like when normalised?

Fear not, keep watching behind the smokescreen of official propaganda.



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