Only “normalcy bias” keeps official lies afloat

The stream of world events is turning into a tsunami.

Cyprus, Syria, North Korea, Boston, Waco, more viral threats, more vaccines, more lies and manipulations by the authorities.

The official propaganda machine churns out torrents of ludicrous b..s… How come so many people still believe any of it, still bend over backwards to remain in absurd denial when lies are so crudely obvious?

The “normalcy bias” is a basic feature of human psychology, at least when the mind is disconnected from higher consciousness, when intuitive perception is muted.

It is the propensity to interpret any fact, any piece of news, any message in a way that is consistent with a narrow formatted belief system, a set of beliefs that is nurtured in our minds by forces that try to control us.

These days there are brave folks who present alternative thinking offering a chance to break the spell of the “normalcy bias”.

If we make the effort of being lucid, it is so easy to see how far from “normal” it is for authorities to encourage war in Syria or anywhere else, to plunder people’s bank accounts, to murder their own citizens through false flag attacks like the latest one in Boston, to propagate disease panic to justify poisonous vaccinations, …etc.

Events are reaching such highs of absurdity and deviousness that everyone now has to face a simple choice: do I keep my head in the sand, and my trust in the establishment, or do I recognise that our rulers are puppets of negative forces in a much bigger game than what meets the eye?

In these times of upheaval and confusion, turn to your Invisible Partner, meditate, calm down, trust the fundamental benevolence of the universe, and align your thoughts to the field of kindness, harmony and light present in all there is.

Fear not, listen to your open heart more than to your powerless intellect.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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  1. Ian Cormack
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 17:41:26

    Fantastic and very in tune post as always Leo …..Much appreciated …!!! ommmmmmmmmmmmmm…….


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