Beauty is the antidote to fear

This splendid phrase was said by non mainstream trend forecaster Gerald Celente and relayed by new age writer Stuart Wilde.

I find it very moving and true. Beauty of the heart connects us to the best in universal consciousness. When you create beauty, either through music, painting, or decorating your home or work place with simple elegance you raise the quality of energy in and around you.

And darkness is pushed back.

Ultimately our fear is fear of darkness, fear that the universe might not be entirely benevolent.

But the universe is benevolent. When it doesn’t appear to be so, the source of the confusion lies in our troubled thoughts, in the negativity of our thoughts.

You may observe that society is plunging ever deeper into ugliness, harshness, egotism, violence, disharmony and think that universal consciousness must be letting us down. But in fact you have the freedom to light your torch of beauty, kindness, simplicity and dissipate darkness around you, not for your selfish survival, but as your contribution to the triumph of light.

Life is much bigger than the mundane stuff we sometimes reduce it to in our everyday struggle.

This is not so easy to explain fully within the logic of the reasoning intellect. It has to been experienced. The key is intuitive guidance by the Invisible Partner.

If you have time here is a good read:  and a piece of lucid beauty

Fear not, be totally lucid and nevertheless totally positive,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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