First look inside yourself and then open your eyes

When you wake up in the morning or whenever you feel like taking a break, keep your eyes shut for a few minutes and attentively observe the images that appear on the screen of your mind.

Take an interest in that fugitive spot of green and yellow light, in those blue streaks floating across and disappearing, in those extraordinary purple shapes on the right hand side of the scene. Get a feel for the depth of what you “see”. Don’t try and interpret, just watch.

Watch the passing images turning into all forms and colours, the gentle beautiful ones, the chaotic ones. All of them are productions of your own software. Your mind processes information and comes up with these internal visual impressions.

You can modify the effect by placing the palms of your hands on your eyes so as to create black cavities where no light hits your eye lids. And while your eye balls are relaxing in that warm cosy nest, pay attention to the sounds you hear and to the sensations within your body.

Now remember that all that exists amounts to pure energy and information. Matter, which seems so real to us most of the time, doesn’t exist as such; it is only a perception we have in our mind.

Once you adopt this model (fully consistent with advanced physics), your relation to the world changes completely.  Through introspection and dialogue with the Invisible Partner (a concept totally consistent with intuitive feelings and reasoned metaphysics) you gradually approach another “reality”. One that is not material, solid and violent. A reality of light, lightness, and mysterious connection with an amiable loving totality.

Once at peace within yourself you can think more calmly about the outside world.

You then realise that things are not what they seem, what society tries to make you believe.

You realise that those who rule the world – destroying the planet, forcing vaccinations, repressing protesters and as of late grabbing money from people’s bank accounts – are only puppets in the 3D show with sound and special effects being played in your mind.

Why should these rulers intimidate you? For sure they seem to have all the cards in their hands and full power on everybody else. But that is in the show; they are just holograms of information being created by your mind.

When you explore your own mind, you come across the dividing line between the beautiful, loving, trusting and the ugly, twisted, fearful. And these two streams of thoughts are reflected in the apparent “reality” around you, i.e. the in 3D film shown on your inner screen, fed by information picked up by your senses.

Now open your eyes and notice how refreshed your vision is. Fill your consciousness with the non solidity of all that you see. Enjoy the sensation of vacuum, enjoy the sight of the hologram floating in the vacuum.

Of course if you hit your head against a thick wall it will hurt, but only because of the type of information connected to the wall and to your head, even though both are only parts of the hologram.

This alternative worldview is admittedly very disconcerting. Materialists will dismiss it as nonsense. But what have they got to offer? Has their materialist model brought any harmony, and is it capable of offering any solution to the global crisis?

The time has come to dare confidently explore another approach to existence, to try a new dance with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, trust Goodness.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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