Your path of light through society’s insanity

You may wonder if it’s worth trying to reach enlightenment, personal well being and harmony while the world around you slides into total corruption and madness.

What’s the good, you might think, of being among the few who eat healthy organic food, refrain from watching television, see through the imposture of mainstream politics and established religions, meditate, respect animals and nature when the masses flock to supermarkets, stuff themselves with rubbish, get mad about the latest gadgets, and stress hard for a pathetic social positioning.

Yes our time is testing. Your soul chose to be incarnated now. You have to live the experience to the full. Be brave, be free. You don’t want to sink into materialist slavery, you want to elevate yourself. And you want to contribute to elevate others. It looks difficult, sometimes it looks impossible. But things are not what they seem. The invisible is far deeper than appearances.

Here is an interesting video by a young spiritual teacher: Ma Nithya Sudevi. She’s very good and she has quite a few free videos on the net.

Fear not, keep learning the ways of the Invisible Partner.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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