Coping with negativity – part II: other people’s

Universal consciousness is bent on harmony and love, but it also contains evil and negativity.

When you are fully aware of the immaterial nature of your mind and its constant interplay with the rest of universal consciousness you realise that you can decide either to nurture thoughts and feelings of harmony and love or to let yourself shrink into negativity and even embrace evil. It’s your choice.

But what happens when other people breed evil and negativity?

You might think that this is their decision and therefore totally outside your control. In our limited logic that would seem obvious. But things are more subtle.

Because the only portion of reality we ever get to know is what turns up on the inner screen of our mind. All the rest doesn’t exist as far as we are concerned.

So when you come across a “bad” person or a very “negative” one, you only get to know how bad or negative he or she is through your own perceptions which feed into the film shown on your inner screen.

And the crux is that you can decide on what emotions you accept to nurture in relation to your perceptions. You can decide to get into fear, panic, annoyance or anger,  because the bad person can harm you, is dangerous, is tiresome or irritating.

In fact you are co-creator of the reality shown on the inner screen of your mind. What you see is a co-production between you (your consciousness) and the Invisible Partner (universal consciousness less your consciousness). It’s a wee bit subtle, but not complicated.

Everything that happens in your life, including as a result of other people’s evil or negativity, is part of your dance with the Invisible Partner. Whenever you fully trust the Partner and sends him signals of kindness, love and harmony, he responds in kind eventually, even when bad characters play a part in your film.

How to put these metaphysical considerations into practice?

The best trick I have learnt so far is Ho’oponopono. It is a kind of mantra to clear your informational connection with a person, creature, or inanimate object. It is based on the idea of absolute non judgment. If a person, say, looks evil, or looks kind but sad, you address your thoughts to the Invisible Partner and mentally say the words: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you”.

By these words you admit that you are tempted to form a judgment on the person, creature or object, and that your judgment may derive from incorrect information, for which you apologise to the Partner.

In my experience so far, a sincere Ho’oponopono works every time. However, like for any other message from the Invisible Partner, the response may not be immediate, and may not be in the shape you had expected. But it is always in line with general harmony.

The key to successful relations with other people, individually or collectively, or with any creature or thing or situation is openness, non judgment, tolerance, patience, kindness. Ho’oponopono is a very simple mantra that automatically brings your mind into these attitudes. It is a trigger for the positive action of the law of attraction. And therefore the best antidote to other people’s evil or negativity (as perceived by your mind).

Fear not, give ho’oponopono a good trial for a few months.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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