Coping with negativity – part I: one’s own

Dancing in step with the Invisible Partner is the best way to go through life. But the dancing floor may appear slippery at times.

However sincere your desire to be positive and loving towards all and sundry, there are mornings when you get up in a rotten mood or pretty depressed. No panic. It’s normal.

The simple maths of metaphysics

The simple maths of metaphysics

Since early childhood most of us have been led into a narrow belief system full of judgments and fear. So when anything doesn’t immediately turn out just as we would like (i.e. according to our ego’s ideas), we’re tempted to fall back into the old trappings of frustrated sense of entitlement, feeling of being rejected, weak, incompetent, or jealousy, disdain, hatred…

The main thing about the belief system of materialist thinking is that it drastically reduces your vision. It puts your mind in a cage: life is short, things are not going well, I’m going to be a failure, I don’t feel well, …All nonsense. You are eternal. Whatever your present circunstances, this life is a fascinating little experience which is part of your journey through infinite possibilities. When apparently unpleasant things come your way, concentrate on discovering the teachings they bring rather waste your time moaning and whining.

But if you can’t help feeling totally frustrated or panicked or hateful, allow yourself a good spell of shouting, kicking, crying, whatever helps you getting steam off. And then, on your way back towards the positive, which may be short or longer, bring the humour in. Laugh a bit. The Invisible Partner will point to funny stuff you hadn’t noticed.

Fear not, smile and laugh after crying and shouting.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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