Guidance through 2013

Apocalypse did not happen in 2012, but events on the planet and confusion in the minds continue to intensify.

Ever more evidence of the ruling elite’s corruption and perversion is coming to the surface. Most countries, including those once regarded as free democracies, are gradually sinking in multi-facetted tyranny: financial, technological, medical, political tyranny.

Whatever the domain, only one strand of thinking is now considered acceptable by the media, academic and institutional establishments.

For instance, in the spheres of food and health if you are an active promoter of organic agriculture or natural healing techniques, you are regarded as an eccentric. But if you are a prominent activist against GMO’s, vaccination or animal experimentation, you are liable to be spied on by the police as if you were a terrorist. Because you are a potential danger for the powerful vested interests behind the system.

The system looks so strong. It’s not too clear what the full motivations of the people who control it really are. Money is obviously high among them. So is arrogance. Perhaps also a manic desire to do better than nature, to be “cleverer than God”. In any case, the ruling elite and the vast army of its submissive servants seem to have all the cards in their hands.

If you’re reluctant to join the submissive servants, how can you run your life honourably through all the constraints of this crazy world?

One thing is sure, you will not find a satisfactory way as long as your mind is trapped in the narrow belief system of materialist thinking: what we see is all there is; it’s a hard struggle for life; it’s cruel, I’m weak and afraid; “they” are stronger, …etc.

But no, you are not weak, there is a lot more than what we see, it’s a struggle only if you allow your mind to think so. The reality is that you have an Invisible Partner keen to help you have a meaningful life in this incarnation and a meaningful existence beyond this life.

Through your intuition you can connect with the Invisible Partner. Together the two of you can dance. For each of your steps, the Invisible Partner will make a step in turn, a guiding step. You will have to be attentive to each guiding step, understand where you ‘re invited to go. The Partner’s messages are clear but subtle. They can come through your body, or through the attitudes of people around you, or through events, or through a sentence read in a book or a bird seen in the sky.

Nothing in life – happy event, disease, accident, new encounter… – happens by chance, nothing is without meaning. Every event, even the smallest, is a guiding step by the Invisible Partner. To follow the guidance you have to silence the chatter of your ego, let go of fear, engage in trust, bear in mind that you are an eternal little part of the big “all there is”. If you’re aware of your own existence, it isn’t because the chemistry of your physical body somehow produces awareness, but because your awareness is within universal consciousness.

In all this the reasoning intellect can hardly help you. Soon you have to leave it aside and fully trust intuition, fully trust the inner little voice, so kind and warm, always present, understanding and never judging.

If you want to put a gloss of metaphysics on what we’re talking about, you might say it’s the rest of universal consciousness communicating with your consciousness. Together, the rest plus you is all there is. In other words, the Partner is the rest of God; with you, God is complete. The Partner and you dancing together create reality; it’s God in movement.

But, you might object, what about “them”: the bullies, the tyrants, the corrupt, pervert, cold and cruel?  Where are they? Not in …. Yes, they too are part of “the rest of consciousness”. Hitler, Bush and Blair, the boss of Monsanto, Jimmy Saville and so many others, all these troubled souls are parts of the one consciousness, like you and me. From your stand point, they are in “the rest of God”. Which is not exactly the same rest of God as the one that complements the soul of Hitler or that of Saville. By the way, these two souls may have learnt their earthly lessons. They might be thoroughly angelic wherever they are.

There is light and dark in the big all there is, but the Partner guides you towards the light. That is what you have to trust fully. No other belief is required. No dogma, no scripture is essential. Only that one basic trust. And off you go on the dancing floor, with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, pay attention to the rhythm.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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  1. Ian Cormack
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 22:08:55

    Lovely post Leo …keep them coming …:) All the best for the coming year…and beyond ….Ommmmmmmmmmm…….!!!!!!!


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