Psychic input in all our thoughts

Materialists are proud to be able to think rationally purely on the basis of facts, by which they mean information from the material world received through the senses. And they are convinced this is the only serious way to think.

But they ignore two categories of inputs into their thinking process. The later is represented by the drawing shown below, which of course is only a crude model to get some insight into an infinitely subtle reality.


The first category of inputs is information obtained through extra sensory perception, and the second category consists in the impulses of fear and desire generated by the ego.

Everyone receives information through extra sensory perception. This happens unconsciously. When our mind creates thoughts, which it does all the time, it constantly attempts to draw in extra sensory information as well as sensory signals, and the process is permanently distorted by varying amounts of fear and desire.

People who have been led to believe that only the material world is real unconsciously block the stream of extra sensory information. And the thoughts generated by the thinking process tend to reflect almost exclusively a mix of sensory information distorted by fear and desire.

When the mind is trapped in the materialist paradigm, fear and desire are quite strong and their distorting effect on thinking is severe, resulting in low quality of thoughts.

When the mind is relatively free from the limiting beliefs of materialism and of dogmatic religion or philosophy extra sensory information is allowed to flow into the thinking process and influence its output.

Depending on the situation of the individual at a particular time, extra sensory information will have a smaller or greater impact on conscious thoughts produced by the mind.

For instance, if you’re washing the dishes or opening a computer session, your thoughts don’t necessarily require much extra sensory information. Sensory stuff may be quite enough for the tasks on hand.

But if you are entering a meeting with someone regarding a sensitive matter for that person, extra sensory material is most likely essential to achieve a positive relationship.

You don’t have to try and control the mix to fit the situation; the universe, acting through nature, does it for you. What you have to concentrate on is to keep your mind open, your ego tuned down and your heart full of love and gratitude.

Once your mind is out of the materialist prison, it’s amazing how things start to flow in your life. Not only are your thoughts vastly enriched by extra sensory inputs, but they themselves feed back into the subtle realm of reality and influence events.

Fear not, allow your natural connection to operate.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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