Metaphysics for paradigm change

“Meta” means beyond. Metaphysics is about exploring reality beyond the visible. It queries the purpose of existence, the intention and logic of whatever lies behind all we see of the universe, the true determinants of our destinies.

Many people have little time for such elevated cogitations. They don’t see the relevance for the conduct of their life.

They prefer to focus on tangible things. Material stuff, that’s what matters in their eyes, that’s what may give you – they believe – comfort, security and recognition among your peers. Whereas digging deep into the subtle meaning of everything is at best a waste of time, and at worst a dangerous pursuit that can make you loose touch with reality and stumble on shadows.

Most peoples’ minds operate at conscious level with a mechanistic view of the world coupled to a belief in normalcy. In such a mode of thinking, the world is seen as only material, and what happens around us is broadly speaking perceived as “normal”.

But is the world limited to the material, and are things “normal”?

No, of course not. The global crisis shows that things are far from normal. The state of mankind and of many living species on the planet is dismal, society is plunging into chaos and meanness, and the situation of global disharmony is nearing a climax.

In such exceptional circumstances, sleepwalking with old beliefs makes little sense. Staying “focused” on narrow egotistic pursuits, nose down, blind to the bigger picture, is definitely not the way to assure one’s security, well being and health, let alone dignity, let alone mission in life.

We are at a point in our evolution where making bold assumptions about the purpose of our existence and the guidance available from the universe in line with that assumed purpose become essential determinants of life choices.

When you open your mind and your heart to the many subtle signals becoming ever clearer, you can see that a paradigm change is taking place. It is a turbulent process. It is a vital transition, like a caterpillar going into sleep for ever in the chrysalis to allow the butterfly to come to life.

In this process, some of us will be happy to move on pure intuition, whereas others may wish to structure their thoughts while also embracing intuition.

When you go for the combined structured and intuitive approach, you’re in metaphysics.

In any case, it is your own journey. You may learn practices and narratives and symbols from others, from old traditions, from contemporary teachers, but at the end of the day the synthesis can only be yours. You are at the same time unique and totally part of the whole, not special, neither superior nor inferior to anybody or anything.

Your own metaphysics can refer to images and archetypes, but don’t let new dogmatic beliefs replace the old ones of organised religion and empty materialism. Developing your own metaphysics is exercising your absolute freedom as little cluster of eternal consciousness and energy.

This might sound a bit abstract at first, but patient practice of meditation, of unconditional love for everything and everyone, of letting go of judgments and fear will eventually resonate in every cell of your body, in every thought on your mind.

There is a continuous line joining conventional science and technology, alternative knowledge and practices, unconventional disciplines like parapsychology, and ultimately metaphysics.

Barriers between these areas are artificial; they are only in our minds. When intuition is allowed to develop to the full, universal continuity becomes obvious. And its practical consequences also become clear.

Fear not, work on your own model of metaphysics, and relax.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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