Talking intuition with your dog

Dogs, cats, and most probably all animals possess consciousness, various forms of intelligence, and emotions. This is obvious to any attentive observer living with pets or close to nature.

What is less evident is the extent of animals’ paranormal capacities.

When concerning humans, paranormal capacities are often divided into supposedly neat categories such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition.

But how can we categorize, say, the ability of pigeons to find their way back home more than 1000 kilometres away? All we can posit is that some kind of information about the location of its home base relative to wherever the journey starts must be available to the pigeon. But how? Through remote viewing? Or through telepathic communication with the owner on site?

On the other hand we can readily tag the word precognition to the numerous instances of pets getting jittery ten minutes before their master comes home, even at unusual times. In my family we knew the case of “Jockey Blue Bird”, my father-in-law’s budgie who would start moving and singing when the dear gentleman was still half- a-mile away.

Many documented cases show that evidence of psychic abilities is just as strong for animals as for humans. In all its manifestations life is vastly more subtle and magnificent than appears on the visible surface.

This metaphysical observation has a very practical consequence, namely a completely different type of navigation through life: instead of trying to control events only via deductive reasoning applied to material elements, we can now choose to use intuitive guidance.

In our increasingly complicated society, trying to control events by operating purely on the material plane is a lost battle. Anyone can see this. But most people, largely unaware of the subtle side of existence, fail to conceive of any alternative to the stressful, pointless competitive struggle.

Yet an alternative exists: accepting intuitive guidance from the benevolent universe. This requires a completely new state of mind and quite a bit of personal practice to free oneself from the grip of ego and fear.

Society dominated by materialist thinking has coated our minds with layers and layers of limiting assumptions, beliefs, fears, prejudices, desires that make us agitated, impatient, and arrogant. Our arrogance is directed in particular towards animals which we regard as obviously inferior to ourselves. This is nonsense. The very idea of assigning greater or lower values to creatures in the universe has absolutely no meaning. People with a close rapport to nature know this perfectly.

To navigate through today’s crisis we need to get rid of a lot of old baggage, mentally and physically. We need to simplify our life. We need to nurture gratitude, calm, patience. We need to stop worrying about time. We need to love ourselves as much, but not more than anybody or anything else. It’s a new paradigm altogether. Nothing complicated. But requiring courage.

Fear not, ask your dog to help.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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