Recognising darkness is liberating

All shapes and images around us carry subtle vibrations. And many these days are dark.

When you look at adverts or watch TV you are bombarded by junk which you might think is just stupid but fairly innocent and harmless.

Wrong. It’s venomous. Lady Gaga’s clips are a case in point. They are pervert and devilish. No judgment on the poor girl. She’s obviously manipulated.

There is an awful lot of manipulation going on everywhere in the system. Particularly in the publicity, entertainment and media industry through which the system controls millions of minds. And the upper ranks of the system are full of twisted characters.

In that respect we should almost be grateful to the late Jimmy Savile for making us realise the extent of covert perversion. He was a BBC superstar – “Top of the pop”, “Jim’ll fix it”- and was “doing a great job for charities”. A paedophile of extraordinary daring, the man was obviously protected. Spending Christmas with the family of PM Maggie Thatcher on several occasions, frequent visitor to the royals, honoured by the Queen and the Pope, Sir Jimmy had a feast. Many must have known what he was up to, but nobody stopped him.

It is now becoming plainly obvious that paedophilia is much more widespread among the elite than the public had imagined. Among many other cases, disturbing elements concerning ex politicians close to Maggie Thatcher and former PM Ted Heath are hitting the table.

The British public is shocked and present PM David Cameron is under pressure to have serious enquiries launched on some of the cases.

Hum. Let’s remember precedents elsewhere. Over a decade ago the Belgian public was horrified by the crimes of paedophile Marc Dutroux. But his trial started several years after his arrest, and in the meantime the investigating judge and several policemen had been moved from the case. Strange. The trial itself lasted years. At the end of it the public had had enough, was confused, and showed little reaction when justice reached the astonishing conclusion that Dutroux, his wife and another insignificant character were sole culprits. Nobody else in the background. No paedophile ring, no protection. Nothing. Allegations as to the contrary were dismissed as “conspiracy theories”. End of story.

But darkness has many facets beside rape and paedophilia. War is another big one. An extraordinary variation in recent times is “the war on terror” launched after 9/11. Concerning the latter, there is so much evidence that this was an “inside job” that only persistent deniers (as on the picture) won’t admit it.

The war on terror caused an immense amount of suffering, destruction and cruelty in Afganistan and Irak and served as pathetic excuse to move democratic countries towards obsessive surveillance of their own citizens and repression of dissenting views on touchy subjects.

At this point, you might say: enough, I don’t want to hear any more horrors. Too depressing. Let me think of other things, nice things that make me happy.

Well, thinking of nice things is fine, but denial of darkness is not the door to harmony and fulfilment. In fact, complete awareness and recognition of the bad and the good is an essential step towards spiritual elevation.

All is energy and consciousness. The latter creates information. Information shapes energy in all kinds of creatures throughout the cosmos. On our little planet, information is stored in every molecule, every living cell. Our neurones are packed with information. Some of it aligned with harmony and love, and some aligned with its opposite.

The present crisis is a peak of negative information with a simultaneous rise of positive information. We can feel it in our minds and bodies. The only way to navigate through the crisis is by nurturing thoughts with positive vibrations and trusting universal love. Any pact with devilish forces, whatever they might be (satanic, ghoulish, reptilians…) is pure deception bringing only misery in the end. Pervert star Lady Gaga, war criminals Bush and Blair, bosses of GMO manufactures, torturers of people and animals, and many others will find out. Let’s have compassion for them; let’s send them love.

Fear not, consider all information with critical judgment.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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