Let’s go through brick walls

I’m not completely round the bend yet.

I know that in ordinary experience of life when you throw yourself into a brick wall you get stopped and it hurts.

Yet, modern physics says matter is no more than energy dynamically structured. The smallest elementary particles making up atoms are just pure energy in a vacuum.

Besides, telepathic exchanges do go through walls. Lost dogs can find their way home a hundred kilometres away. Ocean salmons swim thousands of kilometres to go back to their river. Migrating birds also have a clever guiding system. And uncanny synchronicities happen all the time.

So the brick wall is real at a certain level, but there is a lot of invisible something that is just as real. When you consider that carefully it makes you humble and elated in admiration for the universe.

The truly rational position is to accept the brick wall and the invisible stuff also. In fact they are ever so subtly intertwined, not separated as suggested in the narratives of dogmatic religions.

The latter and the modern dogma of materialism would have us prisoners of the brick wall for all our life. And they would have us believe that we human incarnations are evil, corrupt and have no alternative but to compete, fight, pretend and be scared.

I don’t buy that. And I see more and more people who don’t either. The brick wall isn’t our enemy. The neighbour behind the wall isn’t our enemy either: send him thoughts of true love and you will see that he starts behaving decently with you, even if he is a difficult character to start with. We have no enemies. Many people create them with their own thoughts.

Some will say: oh there have been prison walls for centuries, and plenty of enemies, and corruption and perverts. Look at the warmongers who will go and bomb Iran, look at the paedophile rings with protection in the upper echelons of society. Mankind is evil.

No, it has potential for unlimited goodness, because it is part of the amazing structure of energy and consciousness. Here on planet earth we are currently experiencing a “crisis”, that is a strong transition with a peak of negative and positive thoughts flying in the invisible realm that runs our lives.

If you stay close to positive thoughts of gratitude, non judgment, trust and harmony, you will be OK, even if things don’t turn out like your little ego had wanted. Fear is part of our experience, let’s accept it without allowing it to lead us by the nose.

What we have to discover through individual experimentation is a way to navigate through mechanistic constraints of the visible world while developing a sense of the lighter vibrations in our body and in our life.

Just as a practical illustration, when lying relaxed in bed, focus your attention on the spot between your eyebrows (the third eye chakra) and notice how it feels in your body. Then concentrate your thoughts on other spots, like the top of your neck and trigger another wave of electric sensations. Try other parts of the body. Try images of various colours. You will feel calmer, with clearer thoughts and less fear. You will develop a sense of lesser materiality in yourself, as if molecules were less tightly pressed against one other, with more space for free flowing energy. This is no intellectual abstract vision, it’s something very real to feel.

Then, further along the spiritual path you discover that the thoughts you emit are not only real but powerful. They have surprising effects on other people and events. Clearly they can fly through any brick wall.

Fear not, let your kindness cross all walls.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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