New paradigm starts at breakfast

The first step to contribute to a better world is to treat one’s own body with care and gratitude. And this starts with the first meal of the day: breakfast.

Nutritionists have written volumes and it is quite a challenge to choose which advice to follow.

After a conference given by enlightened nutritionist France Guillain four months ago my wife, several members of our family and I have adopted her recommended breakfast, and we all feel it is doing us a lot of good.

So here is her magic formula. She calls it Miam ô fruits.

For this breakfast extraordinaire you need the following ingredients:

– half a banana

– half a lemon juice

– rapeseed oil

– seeds of sesame and linseed

– two or three kinds of nuts

– three fruits in addition to the banana and lemon. Most local or exotic fruits will do, except oranges and grapefruits (too acidic)

– wheat germs as an optional addition.

Start by grinding together the sesame and linseed in equal proportions. Use a dedicated coffee grinder which needs to be kept clean. The powder obtained is put in a jar and can be kept in the fridge for a few days.

Then grind some of the nuts, also in equal proportions, using a different grinder. Put the broken nuts in a jar which can be kept in the fringe.

You are now ready to prepare the mixture. If possible all ingredients should be natural, preferably from organic agriculture. Do not use anything else like milk, cream, yoghurt…

Mash the half banana, squeeze the half lemon, and mix them together with two large spoonfuls of rapeseed oil, two large spoonfuls of the grinded seed and one large spoonful of broken nuts. Add three other fruits cut in small pieces and if you feel like it sprinkle some wheat germs.

Yummy. Take your time to eat, ensure that each mouthful is properly masticated and soaked in saliva before swallowing. You can drink hot water or light tea without milk or sugar.

No panic if this seems too little. In fact, you will soon discover that it keeps you full of energy without feeling heavy for at least four hours.

After four and a half hours or so you will be quite peckish and it will be time for lunch. France Guillain recommends as much uncooked vegetables as possible with plenty of olive oil (cold squeezed and organic). A little bit of meat (from small producers, not from industrial animal concentration camps) is OK once every two days, say. You can also have fish. Few dairy products, and preferably none in the same meal as meat or fish.

Whichever meal you eat, go for natural food prepared at home, slow cooking, no microwave.

Now and again a little bit of wine (preferably bio dynamic) or beer (preferably organic) will do you good.

Respecting the plants and animals we eat, respecting our stomach, enjoying good naturally tasty food and being grateful for it is part of the spiritual journey.

Finally here is an article on France Guillain:

Fear not, enjoy your meals.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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