Emmanuelle will not sit on the board

I learned yesterday that Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel died on 17 October 2012 aged 60. I knew already that French actress Maria Schneider died last year at the age of 58. Both had played in immensely successful films heralding the sexual revolution of the seventies: Emmanuelle and Last tango in Paris.

World success seems to have done them little good. Stunning beauty can be a curse for young women in a society dominated by power and lust rather than love and respect for harmony.

This morning I heard that the European Commission is trying to impose a minimum quota of 40% women on the board of large companies. This is no more than a distraction.

Women have had a raw deal for centuries.

So often used, abused, bullied, considered inferior.  Their bond with nature and mother earth is much stronger than that of men. Materialist society hates nature, wants to control it, dominate it, rape it. Women had to be kept in subservience.

Materialist society’s con trick in the last few decades is to have allowed “feminism” to progress. It’s a huge scam, designed to bring women into men’s roles and induce them into male values: force, power, money.

Without disrespect for the ladies in question, have Mrs Thatcher, Mrs Merkel, Mrs Clinton or Mrs Lagarde brought any kind of added gentleness and compassion to the tough world of politics?

Has any woman CEO behaved differently from men CEO? Haven’t female soldiers taken part in torturing and humiliation of prisoners in Irak?

While women rush into the crude male trap of power and career, what happens to their true femininity, to breast feeding, to motherly relations with their young kids?

Women are torn inside, they suffer. Why did Mrs Tatcher, an apparently extremely intelligent person, have to end up with Alzheimer? Just bad luck? No, nothing happens without a reason in the subtle domain which runs our lives.

But women are now progressing faster than men on the spiritual path. On any conference, workshop, course about alternative thinking, natural healing, esoteric wisdom, women outnumber men three to one or more.

The illusion that reality is just the centuries old ferocity relayed by modern technological arrogance is clearly crumbling. Patience and fortitude; truly feminine times are coming.

Fear not, send a nice thought to Sylvia and Maria, and also to Margaret, Angela, Hillary and Christine.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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  1. Amzi
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 06:50:33

    Spot on Leo!


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