Wonders of deep relaxation

Lovely maiden relaxing on sofa – 1908

Next time you see a cat or a dog lying in the sunshine notice just how totally relax and happy it looks.

Then try and do the same.

It’s not so easy, but it is possible and very rewarding.

The trick is to take one’s attention away from the incessant talk of the ego, focus on bodily sensations, and embrace complete trust in the universe’s goodness and wisdom.

This is not an intellectual exercise. In fact, some people with a highly rational turn of mind may find it more difficult than others, at least initially.

If your first attempts fail and your attention quickly drifts back to the usual stream of worries, fears, desires and frustrations, don’t be discouraged.

Try again, and again, patiently. There will come a time when you manage to hold the mental posture of let go and start noticing very pleasant physical sensations.

These sensations may be particularly noticeable in places which are usually quite tense, which are your weak spots where vital energy gets blocked.

For example, if you are short sighted, a successful relaxation will produce agreeable sensations around the eyes, or around one eye. You may also feel a sudden very brief and very acute shooting pain in one eye immediately followed by pleasant soothing sensations, provided you’re not afraid by the shooting pain and don’t tense up again.

You have to feel these things for yourself to know what I am talking about. Have confidence in nature, in the universe.

Everything that happens in your body, in your mind happens for a reason. Nothing just happens by chance. The universe sends your inner consciousness messages to guide it towards more harmony.

Remember you, I and everyone else are clusters of energy and consciousness within an infinite whole in which everything interacts.

What you experience are minute bits of information picked up by your senses and reaching your neurones. Your neurones then create a sort of 3D video with sound and sensations: that is your “reality”.

The quality of your thoughts – confident, trustful, loving, or resentful and negative – directly impacts the content of your 3D video. In that sense, we create our own reality.

Deep relaxation is the gate to positive, trustful thoughts rewarded by agreeable sensations.

It’s the key to spiritual progress.

Fear not, relax like a cat.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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