Not afraid of darkness

Nurturing positive thoughts of harmony, love and trust is absolutely essential for spiritual evolution and vital for physical and mental health.

But that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the dark side of life, pretend it wasn’t there.

The forces of darkness are particularly proactive these days on our planet. Mankind is hurting itself in all sorts of ways, and causes great harm to animals, soils, plants, water, in fact everything on the surface of the earth.

At the personal level we all keep injuring ourselves and people around us by giving in to whiffs of arrogance, impatience, judgement, frustration, etc.

How can such pointless destructive disharmony be reconciled with the fundamental wisdom of universal consciousness? For the reasoning mind it simply can’t be reconciled.

That evil and darkness should exist is beyond comprehension, it’s the ultimate mystery in metaphysics, which no science, philosophy or religion has ever been able to elucidate.

We have to accept the absence of explanation. Accept that light is stronger than darkness. Accept to align with universal harmony, accept to keep freeing ourselves from the twisted ideas that dark forces constantly try to feed into our minds.

Once you’ve considered life from all possible angles, you realise the fundamental choice is between total alignment on universal harmony and love, or giving in to the whims of ego manipulated by dark forces.

What are the dark forces? For want of a better model, let’s say clusters of disharmonious thoughts floating in the universal field of energy and consciousness. We ourselves are clusters of energy and consciousness open to interactions with the rest of the universe including everything floating about, harmonious or dark.

If you are careless these days cheap publicity, twisted propaganda, vulgar and sometimes sadistic distractions will infect your mind, debase it, lower its reasoning capacity and cut it off from intuitive sensitivity and kindness. Ten minutes surfing on the internet or between television channels will give you a taste of what we mean.

Building resistance to the dark forces is akin to developing a strong immune system. In fact the two are closely connected, which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to what we eat, drink, consume, to how we treat our body, to how we treat our mind.

There are so many things happening these days in the world that it’s easy to feel lost in confusion and fear. To feel on one’s own, vulnerable, perhaps unloved, perhaps rejected.

Stick to the path of your spiritual journey, listen to your inner voice, discard the dark calls of ego, and you will be all right. You are not alone; you are an eternal part of the universe having an experience of incarnation on this planet. It’s a bit jittery at times, but fantastically instructive.

Fear not, eat bio-dynamic whenever you can.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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