Someone else’s truth

I follow the blogs of a few people who write about the current spiritual transition. One of them is Stuart Wilde. I don’t always grasp what he’s talking about. Sometimes he comes up with really bizarre stuff, but that’s not so important. What matters is that the essence of his message is profoundly true.

So here is what he posted today:

The Bravery of Truth

People that are not on the spiritual journey live just in their ego’s opinions, and the ideas and beliefs the mind comes up with.

But usually the ego’s world is a mass of illusion and denial.

And it’s fed vast amounts of misinformation, so the conclusions it comes to are incorrect or at times ludicrous. Try to escape.

It’s brave to seek the truth about yourself and the world around you, and the people you know. But it’s worth it. You escape the Matrix by escaping the dogma and the lies.

I said in my book ‘Grace Gaia & the End of Days’ that pure information that can come to you from the inner worlds is a form of grace, for it leads you out of the negative ego/Matrix trap towards an absolution and salvation, a transcendence, and of course a higher knowing.

People are often scared to make the jump, but the truth is usually not as scary as you might at first think, and it’s far less scary than staying where you might be now in the state of “unprocessed mind”.

Be heroic, go within, meditate and pray to “see” the pure information, and you will be shown it, not in great dollops you can’t handle, but bit-by-bit.

Inside the Grand Illusion of the ego you can’t really build much individuality because you are inside the Matrix program that is there to bind you and billions of others.

People become “chained slaves” of silly ideas that are not accurate.

Jump ship, let go, agree to bobble about for a bit. Bobbling is spiritual; it will teach you many extraordinary things.

Love, love, Stuart Wilde

Thanks Stuart; these are words of wisdom. Folks on the spiritual journey need to share their thoughts and findings.

And the pieces of pure beauty they’ve come across:

Fear not, always be on the look-out for new sources.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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