Blame game brings nought

Like many I’ve played the silly game for years.

Worse, despite blogging for ten months on spiritual transition I still lapse into it all too frequently. It’s so easy you see: something turns out not exactly as you wished or had anticipated, you get a shock, you look for a culprit, and you blame.

Then you realise the blame is at least partly unfair on your target, you take some of the blame for yourself and indulge in self depreciation. And/or you blame the whole unfairness of life, existence, God, the universe, and you start a little whirlpool of negative thoughts. These make you feel awful, depressed, and aggressive.

Considering the frequency of such sequences, it is evident that the Hawaiian gentleman who promotes his version of ho’oponopono (see post of 29 August 2012) has a very strong point: clearing is the key.

I have been trying his “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” mantra for a couple of weeks. First indications are promising.

The mantra is addressed to the universe, in relation to a person. Its purpose is to remove from our stock of unconscious encrusted ideas all those that have affected the person negatively even if we did not have direct relations with that person.

The crux is that we are all interlinked in the universe; our combined thoughts create events on the material level of reality.

Fear not, keep the cleansing and feel lighter.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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