Clarity about money

If you’re on your own in the desert and thirsty, money is no use at all. No matter what kind of money: gold coins, bank notes, cheques…

But if you’re in the centre of London, you will probably experience that money is the key to survival. And credit cards will do fine.

In other words, money is essentially a social arrangement in a given set of circumstances.

On an island cut off from the rest of the world a small community can function perfectly without money. Goods and services are simply provided free or exchanged through barter.

Of course self sufficiency of the group doesn’t necessarily imply that all individuals are treated as equal. Someone may receive a bigger portion at every meal or a better spot for his hut because he is chief, priest or the preferred son. But relations are not subject to accounting. The concept of money and assigning values to everything has no place.

In today’s global society, however, money not only has a place, it is at the centre of every endeavour, and it occupies most of people’s thoughts. It has acquired a hypnotic force which only the most tyrannical forms of religion ever possessed.

In that context a major practical issue faces anyone inclined towards spirituality: how to cope with money now that we are right in the middle of a transition to a new paradigm that de-emphasises materialism?

Some teachers in spirituality/consciousness/personal development seem to have little problem with money, even with lots of it. They call it a form of energy. They welcome it as part of the abundance to which we are entitled and naturally led once our fears and limitations fade away and allow spiritual energy to flow more freely.

On the other hand some mystics would appear to have a more reserved attitude towards money and the means to acquire it.

Let us try and see things in the big picture.

Today’s human society on planet earth is severely dysfunctional; that can hardly be denied. The basic reason is that most humans are cut off from nature, from the divine, from unconditional love, and have their minds completely trapped in ego and fear. Every trapped mind contributes to co-creating a dysfunctional “reality”.

In this dysfunctional reality, money is merely an instrument, a priori neither good nor bad in itself. But it is an instrument so deeply entangled in systems and actions with negative impacts on individuals and nature that it has to be treated with great caution, like a toxic product.

At the end of the day, the key question is what each of us accepts to do to acquire enough money to meet his or her “reasonable” needs (and those of his or her dependents) within the context of the system as it still is.

Do you accept to work in the armament sector, or in Big Pharma, or Big Oil, or for a company making GMO’s ….etc, etc ? Now if you are a secretary or receptionist, it may not produce the same vibes in you as if you are head of R&D, let alone CEO or Chairman.

In any case, nothing useful is achieved by judging others. Everyone follows his path, nurtures his thoughts which produce vibrations and create shreds of reality.

Each of us has to concentrate on his own thoughts, make sure they are full of light and gratitude and clear of negativity, hatred and fear.

As for what you do to get the money, trust your intuition, pay attention to the subtle messages the universe keeps sending you: people you meet, sentences you read, accidents, pains, diseases. Nothing just happens around you and to you. Everything has a meaning. The universe patiently places signposts to guide you along.

Trusting higher guidance is the only way to cope with any aspect of life, including money, through the present transition. This is not being passive. This implies a constant effort to clear the negativity and meanness that pollute our thoughts.

It’s quite a job.

Fear not, learn to let go of money with a smile.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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  1. Amzi
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 07:36:59

    Spot on Leo!

    Money was a mean that has gradually become a much adored and feared deity.

    Equating this mean to a “natural” energy seems quite a warped attitude when one knows that the whole institution of thought that surrounds money, and nurtures it, is based on ego, fear and selfishness…


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