Getting rid of useless stuff

September already. The summer break is over. We’re back with all the collective and personal problems that seem to get ever more intractable.

While the wind of change is blowing over the world, many are worried. But worrying is useless. How does one succeed in worrying less?

Mainly by getting rid of negative ideas encrusted in our mind.

Our mind is clogged up with thoughts, prejudices, memories and fears which keep distorting our perceptions. Which keep feeding pictures and stories going round in our head and body, consciously and unconsciously.

Remember, the 3D video projected non stop on your inner screen isn’t reality. It’s only an unreliable representation made up of bits of information reaching your neurones. That’s all it is.

The trick is to be aware of this, and avoid being led into panic by what we see on our inner screen. The trick is to improve the inner 3D video by removing negativity from past references. The trick is to keep the big picture of the universe constantly clearly visible in the background.

The big picture is oneness, infinite field of energy, infinite consciousness all over, matter non existent other than as structured energy. Structuring guided by consciousness. Amazing subtlety and harmony beyond anything the reasoning intellect is able to figure out.

When all that is clearly visible in the background, the little 3D video of the here and now is no longer threatening. On the contrary, it’s magic. The magic of existence.

No need to worry about ourselves; we are an integral part of the whole, for ever, whatever happens. Our present body is only a level of perception of a cluster of energy and consciousness.

Our job is to keep that cluster free of meanness, and bitterness, and jealousy, and hatred, and violence. To keep it full of light, gratitude, love, confidence.

By the way, the fewer material objects you keep, the easier the decluttering of your soul.

Fear not, keep clearing useless stuff.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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