Are we creating our own reality?

The idea that each of us creates his own reality is quite popular among new spirituality thinkers.

It’s an extraordinarily powerful and disconcerting concept that deserves exploration and comment.

We can all easily agree on the fact that what we perceive of reality is only very tiny bits of it.  Therefore, the 3D video we carry in our mind is a sort of personal mini representation of reality.

It is also very clear that our thoughts have at least some influence on what goes on in our version of reality. For instance, it is well documented that thoughts have a very significant impact on our health, i.e. on the myriad of complex processes going on in our physical body.

Entertaining positive thoughts makes you feel better psychologically and physically. Anticipation of improved health associated with belief in a particular treatment creates the placebo effect. Even hard nosed materialists accept this.

Thoughts, conscious and unconscious, influence events around us, and this translates into the occurrence of synchronicities and more generally into the law of attraction.

But can we go even further and envisage that everything that goes on in our version of reality is directly influenced by our thoughts? That , at the end of the day, we are entirely and solely responsible for our reality?

This gets really mind boggling.

Yet it would seem to agree with the fundamental logic supporting metaphysics, with theories in advanced physics and with the dream view of the world held by a number of native people’s traditions.

Let’s put it as simply as we can.

If the universe is a field of energy and consciousness with infinite interactions and no absolute boundaries, what is an individual? What are you, what am I?

Difficult to define precisely; let’s say a sort of cluster of thoughts associated to energy structured partly into physical matter.

This thing – you or me – swims through the energy and consciousness field like a jelly fish, constantly interacting with the rest of the field.

Its trajectory is entirely determined by the way it interacts moment after moment. By the way it accepts, resists, imagines, by the emotions it nurtures, the fear it keeps feeding or the trust it develops.

The crux of the matter is that we interact with something (the rest of the universe) from which we are not separated. No precise boundaries can be identified between the rest and us, yet we possess a kind of individuality. To the reasoning mind, this is simply beyond grasp.

This is the awesome subtlety of existence.

The consciousness field in the universe creates a multitude of things and events. You and I  are jelly fish- like little portions of the universe; therefore we participate fully in creating things and events, but always through interactions.

If all this appears baffling to your intellect, don’t worry, it’s normal. Because it is well beyond the capacities of the reasoning mind. You can access this stuff only with your intuition. Only through letting go of reasoning, letting go of limitations, fear and lack of trust.

Rather than thinking, this requires practice. Experience, with your body, with your mind, with your spirit, all as one. Allowing your natural sense of harmony and unconditional love to run its full course.

This may be difficult to explain to people used to materialist reasoning, but when you simply let go and trust, generous, positive, graceful thoughts automatically ensure that reality around you improves in a fundamental way towards harmony, no matter how challenging the situation might have been to start with.

Going through this experience by yourself is extremely precious at a time when so many things appear to go wrong in most people’s reality.

Fear not, keep it all simple and gracious.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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