Spirituality in daily life

Spirituality means intuition rather than the reasoning mind guides your life.

The reasoning mind is much too narrow and too slow to embrace the subtlety of existence; it gets stuck in minor details, it gets distracted by emotions, fear, and the whims of ego. It can only function on a linear mode.

Reaching intuitive connection with universal consciousness is a total experience involving body, mind and spirit. These three make up the complete being. We identify them separately only because of the fragmented way our mind works, but in fact everyone of us is a continuum with no discernable boundaries within or with the rest of the universe.

Reaching intuitive connection with universal consciousness is strictly a personal affair. No book, dogma, or technique can teach you how to achieve it. Wise people can help a little bit, but in the end you have to find out by yourself.

Once “connected”, the limitations, beliefs and fears tend to weaken and their fading allows you to communicate with the subtle and the invisible. Your whole being functions in a completely different mode. You are centred in whatever situation you find yourself.

Your reasoning mind keeps quiet, ready to help with mechanical details when required, but it no longer runs the show. Your subconscious receives and sends a multitude of messages. You sense things. You communicate telepathically with humans, animals, plants, water, stones. Your trajectory is shaped by the law of attraction.

Your total being knows and accepts all that. It has access to a share of universal and eternal wisdom, without attachment to individual ego blocking the flow of natural energy. You realise existence is phenomenally subtle and beautiful. You realise unconditional love permeates all there is.

Dangerous, negative people no longer frighten you. Violent gangs, corrupt politicians and business leaders, ordinary mean individuals are just characters in a small video staged on planet earth. No big deal in universal totality. Their posturing no longer impresses you.

Attaining this higher, wiser mode of functioning is our destiny of humans.

Energy and consciousness are constantly evolving, expanding, creating ever more subtle interactions. Humans are clusters of energy and consciousness. They are definitely not meant to remain the mean, egotistic, little brutes with their narrow pedantic science who are presently causing havoc on the planet.

What stands between you and the higher mode of functioning are bagfuls of false beliefs and fear instilled in your mind by the “system” through years of indoctrination. Generation after generation have seen their reasoning minds forced into ridiculously narrow patterns of beliefs.

But the global crisis marks an historic transformation.

Look around you: materialism is cracking everywhere. It’s evident. Basing your life on its false beliefs no longer makes any sense at all.

The time has come to set us free, to let go of the fear. To regard ourselves as the eternal beings we are. To regard this life as an experience on our path to spiritual progress.

Anyway, to give you a bit of practical help for integrating spirituality in daily life, here is a refreshingly unpretentious short video:

Fear not, experiment everyday.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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