Pollution in country worse than in town

My wife and I just spent a short holiday in Normandy, a French region we often visited in the past.

While we were staying in the village of Londinières, which we have known for decades, the local mayor received a report on pollution peaks: it turns out that pollution in Londinières is worse than in Rouen, Normandy’s largest city.

And it’s a different, more vicious, kind of pollution: tiny particles of chemicals used in intensive agriculture.

Until a few years after the middle of last century, Normandy used to be a land of many orchards and meadows surrounded by hedges. Apple trees, cows and chickens. Small farms. True countryside, beautiful, pure and green.

But then, all over France, industrialisation of agriculture took off from the 60’s and intensified until now.

Today in Normandy many hedges have disappeared, and many small parcels have been merged into bigger fields for intensive agriculture.

As you know, most of the world has joined the agriculture revolution, with much the same consequences everywhere: death of the soils, contamination of water tables, high incidence of cancers and other diseases among farmers, pollution of food…etc.

Here is a very clear explanation on industrial agriculture by American specialists: http://www.panna.org/issues/food-agriculture/industrial-agriculture

If you put this into the bigger picture, you realise it’s all part of the subtle vibrational high noon mankind is going through.

Fear not, pay a bit more for natural local produce.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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