Women all the way

Yesterday we went to the seaside. We took the train. The station was bristling with people looking forward to enjoying sunshine on the beach after weeks of rainy miserable weather.

My wife, with her sharp sense of observation, noticed the amazingly skewed gender distribution in the station and particularly on all trains departing to the coast: two thirds women, one third men.

Roughly the same proportion as at conferences, seminars and workshops on all things alternative and spiritual: natural healing, shamanism…

What is the connection between the subtle stuff and taking the train to the seaside?

Before drawing conclusions, let’s gather a few more observations on metro, buses and other trains.

In the meantime here is a good video of a lady spiritual healer:

This particular healer is in Australia, which is very far from where I live, but there are more and more people engaged in spiritual activities all over the world, including some men, presumably with their yin and yang in proper balance.

Fear not, relax and admire ladies.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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