Security at Olympics a sinister farce

We should place V1 and V2 missiles on top of buildings
No, PR Chief Goebbels wants foreigners to have a good impression

The global elite is obsessed with security because their view of the world is steeped in distrust, fear and aggression.

Why do British authorities need missiles on top of buildings to protect the Olympiades?

How come the CEO of G4 Group, the main security contractor for the games, only realised a few weeks before the event that his company couldn’t deploy the required number of guards?

Are we to believe that the management of one of the world’s leading companies in its field failed so ridiculously on its main contract?

Such antics illustrate the elite’s utter contempt for ordinary folks.

Ordinary folks need to wake up and start to seriously shake out years of indoctrination by dominant culture, politicians and media.

This said, here is a propaganda film about Berlin 1936 with beautiful and retrospectively very moving pictures:

Fear not, think for yourself.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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