The fear of lacking money

Tight money is a new experience for swathes of middle class folks in developed countries. It’s going to become much more widespread in the near future as the financial system implodes and economic activity slows further.

Money is not only perceived to be necessary for sheer survival; it is the key marker of positioning on society’s value ladder. The fear of lacking money touches the raw nerve of social pride and embarrassment.

Learning to deal with that fear lies at the core of navigation in the present global crisis.

This learning is personal; each of us has to discover and develop his own responses fitting unique individual circumstances.

But certain attitudes, partly metaphysical and partly practical, can help a great deal.

First and foremost, never lose sight of the big picture: however unnerving, whatever we are going through is just part of a brief life. No more than a temporary material experience for our eternal higher self.

Also, remember the law of attraction: if you radiate positive energy through love for all that exists, free of judgments and limitations, things always turn out well. Not necessarily in the shape of circumstances meeting the superficial expectations of your pride, but in ways best suited for your spiritual evolution.

This has nothing to do with reward or punishment; the universe isn’t moralistic, it is loving, and sends subtle messages to guide us towards the ultimate meaning of our existence.

At a more concrete level, the law of attraction implies a degree of practical efficiency rooted in courage, effort, and humility.

When it comes to money, being practical applies to the income side and to the expenditures side. For the latter, this involves setting sound priorities, such as: pay a bit more for healthy quality food, and a lot less on gadgetry.

The income side is trickier, because most economic activities today are pretty corrupt and destructive, and finding ways of extracting money of the system without losing one’s integrity is a huge challenge.

Without ever being cynical or arrogant, never hesitate to be opportunistic and down to earth. Be attentive, spot the benefits, don’t brag, don’t overdo, forget false pride.

In whatever you do, trust nature and go for simplicity. Whenever you feel unwell, have a rest, and allow your energy body to reload.

Being practical through crisis time involves special attention to good relationships with people, all people, irrespective of their condition. Let them sense your respect and kindness. Make them feel they count. At some point they will help you.

Whatever happens, never be arrogant or bitter. If you are, the law of attraction will sort you out pretty soon.

If some people seem to get away successfully with acquiring money through questionable means and being arrogant about it, don’t be impressed. Don’t waste your time judging them or wishing them retribution. It’s not your business. Concentrate on your own experience.

The key in all of the above is trust in the universe, and reliance on intuition to know what to do. If you think that sounds like air fairy, metaphysical claptrap, take a bit of time to consider seriously what the alternative implies.

The alternative is joining the ranks of materialist competition, i.e., being a slave cum robot in the race toward productivity: ever more crap produced with fewer people and more impacts on nature. A race to the bottom. A lose-lose game for all, including you.

Oh, but there are winners, aren’t there? The 1%, or rather 0.001% at the top. Ultimately, they too are slaves cum robots. They are slaves of a system of thought, a belief system exalting ego and fear, with money the central focus.

The global crisis we see unfolding around us is the manifestation on the material plane of a formidable change in the invisible, subtle realm. As the crisis gets even hotter, corrupt souls and true kindness will become apparent. False material certainties will evaporate, and truth will shine.

Fear not, admire the signs and symbols of harmony.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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