The improbable is full of meaning

Events that occur in spite of an extremely low probability and look like uncanny messages from the universe are technically called “synchronicities”.

They were first conceptualized by Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung was a brilliant mind and a pioneer in seeking to liberate rational thinking from the cage of narrow materialism.

Intellectual prudence made him suggest that synchronicities must be pretty rare occurrences. In that he was wrong. Synchronicities happen all the time. People who have developed their intuitive sensitivity can see them.

This is crucially important, because events with extremely low probabilities simply shouldn’t be happening all the time according to the habitual material cause – material effect view of the world.

In other words, the flow of synchronicities is rational proof that reality is far deeper than the materialist world view can account for. Synchronicities are indeed messages. In fact, all events, including diseases and accidents, and also successes and joyful moments, are messages.

Each of us has to accept and interpret messages addressed to him or her. Interpretation is personal and unique, but also collective at the same time. This is where existence shows its divine genius beyond anything ordinary thinking can begin to conceptualize.

At some point, we have to let conceptual thinking on the side and concentrate on the fantastic experience of living. That is what we are here for: to live an experience and grow spiritually through it. Which means testing the effects of love, kindness, confidence, and daring to let go of violence, egotism, fear, guilt, hatred.

As events at the material level of reality on our tiny planet seem to accelerate towards new depths of unpleasantness, it’s good to keep the big picture in mind. It enables us to keep smiling and being positive and kind. And to keep our sense of humour, our sense of harmony, beauty and lightness.

Fear not, enjoy the rain without waiting for the sun.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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