Shades of conspiracy

The 7/7 London bombings took place exactly 7 years ago today.

You don’t have to be an expert in conspiracy theories to realise that official accounts of 7/7 are rich in confusion and contradictions.

This said, the implication of British authorities in the London bombings is less easy to demonstrate convincingly in few words than the complicity of (some inside) US authorities in the 9/11 attack.

For 9/11, things are glaringly obvious.

Of the seven World Trade Center towers, the famous two directly hit by planes and a smaller third one collaterally damaged all collapsed in free fall on their own footprints, which is technically impossible without controlled destruction implying elaborate preparations ahead of the event.

Such preparations would have required fairly unhindered access to the buildings, implying at least tacit consent by the authorities, all the more so in this case since the third tower housed  offices of the mayor of New York and of the CIA.

Significant facts about this story are summarized in a well known article of The New York Times already referred to in a previous post of this blog:

Concerning 7/7, I would invite you to do your own research, bearing in mind the context of the time.

Remember mid 2005; two years after attacking Iraq, PM Tony Blair, a master liar and twisted personality, was trying to justify a train of anti terrorist measures and to gather support for a continuing very unpopular war.

All three bombings occurred within a few seconds at different spots in London, and a security official declared to the BBC that he had been involved in an exercise consisting in simulating simultaneous bombings on distant spots within the capital. He had been very surprised to see simulation actually replaced by reality. How strange. Sheer coincidence, he said.

Research and think it through for yourself. Here is the link to the wikipedia piece on 7/7:

Daring lies, manipulations and cover-ups by authorities are not confined to security matters and war. They are prevalent in many fields: health care (effects of vaccination), nuclear energy (true situation at Fukushima and more generally Japan), portable phones (alleged innocuousness of HF waves), children protection (extent of paedophile networks involving VIP’s), etc., etc.

On most such matters, information contradicting official lies or silence is often not so difficult to find and cross relate, but it takes time. And Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen are far too busy trying to survive in the contemporary economic jungle to have any time and energy left for such research.

Besides, when matters seem complex and confuse, their inclination is to trust authorities. The idea that authorities are largely corrupt is not as readily accepted as one might expect.

Are all big lies and manipulations part of a unique master plot by a very small group of would be rulers of the world? – difficult to know of course.

What looks fairly obvious is the shared mentality of materialism, arrogant ego, mean spirit of many folks in positions of power. But it is far from evident that they seek to act like one, and if they did, that they would succeed in achieving effective coordination of their designs.

To sum up, many conspiracies – yes; a master conspiracy – probably not; a shared mentality at the top with destructive consequences – definitely.

If you consider things in the bigger picture at the level of the universe, the negative mentality of some beings on planet earth is a spiritual phenomenon.

Ultimately, the only efficient way to counter conspiracies and all other forms of evil is emitting positive energy through pure love. Ultimately, you and I have no enemy, no reason to hate or fight anyone.

Fear not, let your soul reach the stars.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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