Rage burning in you

I know the sensation only too well.

That intense frustration about many things at the same time. Like the meanness and sheer stupidity of people. And one’s own inability to lift soul and body above the floating line. Or irritation from the lies and pomposity spread by smart asses on the upper echelons.

Frustration, of course, is also about private things, private and painful.

When rage gets hold of your nervous system, you could just hit, throw, or break. It is physically unbearable, and you are well aware of how pointless it is. But you can’t help it.

If rage persists, and social constraints or kindness towards people around prevent you from expressing it through some kind of violence, you may turn to drink, drugs, or the medical system, meaning other drugs.

Beware of being too smart in controlling your behaviour and shuffling the rage deep inside. You may not kick any door or hit anyone or get drunk, but you might well be laying the nest for a nasty health problem. Somehow or other negative energy has to work its way through.

You need to stop negative energy upstream.

Energy is all over the universe, and we on our little planet are just clusters of structured energy and consciousness. Why is it that our consciousness has to turn sour now and again instead of being always nice and steady? Nobody knows for sure. Some believe it has to do with demonic forces. Not really my alley, but I might be wrong.

With spiritual practice, you can actually succeed in calming down. From calming down, you can slide into meditation and after a while the nervous system begins to relax and physical sensations become more pleasurable again.

In a serene state of consciousness, you get a sense of the bigger picture, you see your agitated incarnated self with compassion, and you appreciate that life down here is only an experience.

Your eternal higher self consoles you with humour and kindness. Things, after all, are not so bad. And “reality” is mainly a question of perception.

Fear not, go and ride your bike.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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