Love in response to banking scams

Bankers crossed all limits long ago:

And they continue.

But this is above our heads and there is nothing people like me can do about it. – Not true!

Banks create money. Money rules the modern economy. The modern economy is destroying the world. Your present incarnation is part of the world.

You are here for a mission assigned by universal consciousness. Not to sit on your bum and watch it all happen without uttering a word or emitting a thought.

Be lucid. Tell everyone to be lucid.

And pass the word round that the only response to scams, injustice, crimes, stupidity and horrors is the infinite energy of pure love. Love without judgments, segregations and restrictions.

The choice is between the pain of burning rage or the soothing of pure love.

There is nobody to fight. There is no enemy. No one to hurt. No need for wars, armies, drones and generals. There is only a system of thought that ignores love and kindness.

This system will soon be de-programmed by waves of pure love.

And you can be among the thousands of pure love emitters.

Fear not, watch the full moon.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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