Rio+20: everyone has given up on sustainability

Whatever scarce reports appear in discreet corners of the mainstream press about the “Rio+20” Earth Summit 2012 make sobering reading.

After 20 years of accelerated environmental degradation since the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992, everybody more or less accepts the “reality” that only very little if anything can be done to stop or delay acute environmental damage caused by economic activities.

Governments and supra governmental agencies have effectively relinquished their responsibilities on the subject.

Big multinationals have a free hand. For them, sustainability, like fair trade, is just a minor theme among others in their marketing mix.

As for the general public, it is sick and tired of hearing empty speeches and seeing information blatantly manipulated or suppressed.

Speaking at the “Beyond GDP” conference on reporting in the European Parliament in 2007, a British green activist observed that “mankind is the only species monitoring its own extinction”.

Today it looks as if the species is no longer even interested.

But nothing of this should come as a surprise to readers of this blog.

We know that dominant elites are caught in a thinking mode which is totally unable to produce solutions to the tight knot of problems facing mankind.

How could big business organisations do anything positive for the environment and society, when their core beliefs are that nature is just a neutral décor and resource stock, that only the visible matters, that humans are meant to struggle, compete and fight, and to sum it up: bugger all, we’re just interested in quick profits.

However, reality is much broader and more subtle than materialists imagine, and the present crisis is the manifestation of a major transition towards a higher level of energy and consciousness on this planet.

For reference:

Fear not, cherish nature.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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