Mounting evidence supporting intuition

Many people are now pretty well aware of the limitations and contradictions of the dominant mechanistic vision of the world.

But few dare cross the bridge towards the new paradigm of holistic spirituality.

This seems such a big move to anyone who has been indoctrinated in a belief system that places no trust in intuition and relies almost exclusively on the narrowly reasoning side of the mind.

However, many observations and scientific theories now converge to confirm facts that fit perfectly into the holistic spirituality paradigm while exposing the incoherence of materialist thinking.

Firstly, theories of sub-atomic physics and astrophysics envisage a universe made of energy (and possibly more than one universe), where matter appears a fairly elusive notion amounting to a perception of structured energy.

Secondly, science is taking a new look at water, the main constituent of all living creatures on our planet.

Water possesses various remarkable characteristics which set it apart from other substances, such as being the only substance whose volume expands when temperature drops (which is why ice floats on liquid water).

While water molecules (H20) are amongst the simplest, they gather to form clusters organised into remarkably sophisticated structures.

These structures endow water with a kind of living memory influenced by circumstances in the environment, and even sensitive to ideas and emotions. Photographs of water crystals suggest that positive ideas induce beautifully harmonious structures, while negative ideas induce ugly structures. Confronted to such observations, science is stretched into metaphysics.

Metaphysics explores the concept of consciousness in the universe which conventional science tends to ignore, except in advanced physics where the notion of “observer” comes into play.

Consciousness leads to another concept with equally awesome implications: intention.

As there is consciousness in the universe – which is evident, otherwise we would have no perception, no knowledge and no science, does consciousness have intention?

A particular type of phenomena cropping up frequently in the course of every day life provides a strong indication with respect to intention: synchronicities.

Synchronicities are events with extremely low probability that nevertheless occur quite often, appearing as pure coincidences carrying some meaning for the people involved or observing.

For instance, when you meet “by chance” in the centre of a large city someone you know who rarely comes to town. Or when you pick up a book while browsing in a bookshop, you open it and immediately read a sentence that is eerily relevant to a situation you have on your mind at the time.

Synchronicities look like messages sent to you by ….universal consciousness, whatever or whoever that might be. Which logically implies that there must be intention in the universe.

In fact, when you are attentive to events in your life you eventually come to the conclusion that the universe never stops sending you messages, and that nothing happens by chance. Chance doesn’t exist, only intention does. This is what experience of life shows.

So, science, logic and observation concur to underpin a model of the universe made of energy, consciousness and intention.

But the trickiest issue remains open: is the intention “good”, “benevolent”, “friendly”, “loving”? Or is it just indifferent? Could it be hostile? Or might there be conflicting intentions.

And by the way what is the meaning of “good”. Here we realise how little we are. We know nothing. Our theories and models are grossly simplistic representations of tiny bits of a vast fantastically subtle reality.

Still, while not knowing for sure what good and bad mean, we can observe the following.

Whenever we entertain “contracting” thoughts and emotions (hatred, judgment, rejection, guilt, fear, bitterness…) we feel pretty awful in our mind and body, and relations with people and events tend to be difficult.

But whenever we entertain “expanding” thoughts and emotions (love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust…) we feel light and energised in our mind and body, and relations with other people and events tend to be easy.

Call this whatever you want: science, philosophy, metaphysics… It is just something anybody can notice in his or her life. It comes over as a law of human existence.

From this observation, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to bet for a loving universal consciousness. In other words, “faith” in universal “goodness” seems to have a pragmatic underpinning.

But then, be careful not to stretch faith too far and burden it up with all kinds of invented stories that have no basis. This is where religions have too often erred, with well known tragic consequences.

To sum up, while well aware of the deep mystery of existence, we can fairly reasonably use a model of holistic spirituality as the best guide to conduct our lives. The model refers to four ingredients: energy, consciousness, intention, and love.

At this point, our reasoning mind can’t go any further; it has to step aside and pass the relay to intuition. Intuition, the capacity to hear the inner voice mysteriously in touch with universal consciousness.

Once you become fully aware of intuition and fill your heart with faith in universal love, your life changes. Everything changes. How you feel in your body. How your react to situations. How you tame ego and fear.

It’s a state you have to experience for yourself. No book or guru can teach you the trick. There is no trick.

To find out, you have to cross the bridge, leaving behind the mental cage of materialist thinking, and embracing total trust and pure love.

While gathering your courage, bear this in mean: there is no risk, there is nothing to loose. According to the materialist paradigm you will be dead fairly soon and before that, the way things look on the planet (in the hologram video your mind believes is reality), you might be in for a lot of trouble and hardship.

So stop being a fearful slave, take your freedom and cross the mental bridge to the spiritual paradigm.

Fear not, fill your lungs with air and walk.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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