From paranormal phenomena to revolution

For over a century parapsychology has established the occurrence of phenomena that are supposed to be impossible according to the materialist vision of reality.

The logical consequence of such findings is that reality is wider and more subtle than the materialist model assumes, which is what spiritual traditions all over the world had been suggesting for millennia.

At another level, widely accepted theories of sub atomic physics and astrophysics imply a universe made essentially of energy rather than matter.

All this is known to a number of people, often with an interest in parapsychology, contemporary forms of spirituality, or alternative healing.

However, paradoxically, almost everybody goes about the ordinary business of life as if paranormal phenomena were rare occurrences with little practical significance.

And despite its obvious limitations, the materialist model continues to be the only reference for organising society, running the economy, promoting technologies, etc.

As a result, people with ideas that fundamentally contradict the dominant model tend to either keep a low profile or to shape the expression of their ideas in a way that makes them appear non threatening to the system.

Experts in parapsychology try hard to turn their discipline into a narrow conventional branch of science, when they should have much broader ambitions.

Spirituality is often stifled by organised religions (new or old) or reduced to personal development with a strong self centred focus.

Alternative healing is mostly confined to the role of “complementary medicine” when its competent practitioners have their fingers on essential factors of human health which far transcend the blind mechanical procedures of mainstream medicine.

But things are not still, and history accelerates every day under our noses.

The global crisis offers a live demonstration that the system is failing totally and that materialist thinking is strictly incapable of grasping what is going on and of conceiving coherent responses, let alone implementing them.

In other words, the time has come for those who know better to free themselves from the mental cage of materialism and run their lives in accordance with a new paradigm: a universe of energy, consciousness, intention and pure love.

Trust in the messages of universal consciousness and practice of pure love in every aspect of daily life; this is the way forward.

Admittedly it is not always easy, particularly at the beginning, as the pathetic ego tends to raise its head at every turn. But progress comes with persistent practice.

We could paraphrase a well known materialist and declare: “alternatives of the world unite”. But this revolution is not one of conflict and violence, it’s the revolution of pure love.

Fear not, watch the sun rise.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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