Materialist mode collapses, trust in universe grows

These are extraordinary times.

We’re watching live the terminal convulsions of a system and picking up subtle signs of an unimaginable new dawn.

Many people are now beginning to have a clear sense of ongoing collapse: domed euro, lies on Fukushima, war mongering, infertility, cancers, fast extinction of species, great ocean plastic garbage vortex…and so much more.

But only a minority perceive the signs of positive vibrational change. The minority is growing though.

Communication is very laborious between the conscious minority and those who can’t see, hear, or feel subtle messages. Trapped in pure materialist thinking, most people still dismiss any suggestion that the invisible plays a part in “real life”.

Trying to convince them otherwise is largely a waste of time. They will have to go all the way through their own experience of existence; it’s going to be quite a shake before their mind is freed of its shackles.

To help them, we can blow whiffs of trust in universal harmony.

Fear not, meet your inner presence everyday.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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