Change of paradigm: the challenge

Once we manage to break free from the naïve certainty that everything in the world is material, our spiritual adventure can begin.

But that doesn’t mean immediate bliss and nirvana. On the contrary, initially we may even feel more anxious than ever.

A bit like an alcoholic forced to go dry finding himself sober all of a sudden, without the booze to dilute his fear and misery.

We may encounter a new form of solitude, as most people in society conform to dominant belief in the mechanistic vision.

If we try to share with them our tentative alternative views, they look at us in a strange way, making us feel as if we’re going nuts, or plain stupid.

Some spiritual mentors suggest that all we have to do is to let individuality dissolve into universal oneness and just live the present, forgetting the past and ignoring the future. There may be a measure of wisdom in this, but we still aspire to something more.

So let’s move on, and gradually develop a new rapport with existence.

A decisive step is to get the intellect on the sideline and put intuition at the helm.

Which does not mean becoming credulous or irrational, quite the reverse. Intuition is the channel of communication with universal consciousness which enables to embrace the totality, whereas the intellect is a mental tool to deal with separate bits for limited purposes.

Knowing how to use intuition takes practice and personal experimentation. One of the difficulties is not to confuse messages from intuition with suggestions from ego.

The key is absolute trust in benevolent universal consciousness. The universe guides us towards what is desirable and ultimately harmonious, whatever the apparent contradictions, suffering and confusion.

The law of attraction works. Synchronicities happen. The universe sends us messages all the time. It’s intuition’s job to transmit them to our conscious mind. Then it’s up to us to conduct our life accordingly.

Intuition is more precious than ever before as the global crisis on planet earth approaches its climax.

Sticking to intuition requires courage as everything seems about to crumble around us. Even though earthly collapse is only happening in the big holographic show of our minds and doesn’t affect our eternal beings, it’s still pretty impressive. It feels so real.

A programme to perform harmoniously in the holographic show consists in this: follow intuition, decode messages from the universe, use deductive reasoning for limited purposes where necessary, constantly radiate love and compassion for all and everything, love yourself without letting the ego do its tricks.

This is a craft, an art, perfected only through patient practice. It’s personal, though at the same time implying dissolving the ego and merging with all there is.

Words are too weak and fragmented to fully convey the message. But your intuition will fill the gaps.

In further posts, useful techniques and knowledge will be explored.

In the meantime, here is some music from the depth of harmonious universal consciousness: 2nd movement, Concertio de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo

Fear not, exercise unlimited patience.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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