Change of paradigm: the first step

What we perceive of the world is not reality.

It’s a kind of film projected on the inner screen of our mind. The film is in 3D; it’s a hologram with sounds, smells, tastes and sensations. Plus thoughts and emotions.

For our first step towards the new paradigm, a good approach is to sense little by little the fluidity of the hologram. Energy is constantly moving and flowing. Nothing is static, there is no solidity.

Imagine your thoughts gliding effortlessly through walls and objects. Nothing solid stops you. All things are just structured energy constantly morphing into new shapes.

Most of us haven’t been brought up to see the world that way.

We have been made to believe that everything around us is material, mechanical, obeying laws that clever human science is able to master.

How ridiculously naive and arrogant this crude belief. To escape from its grip, we have to sense the fluidity, the non solidity, the absence of boundaries.

As to our role in the hologram, it’s a supreme mystery. Let’s accept that mystery. Let’s accept to be guided through the hologram by our intuition. Pure love is the ultimate guide. There is no other wisdom.

Belief in things material, egocentrism, struggling, and bullying have been tried for thousands of years, only to deliver misery. The dead end has been fully explored; no need to waste any more time there.

While experimenting with the sense of fluidity and non solidity, feel your body loosening, getting lighter. Feel acceptance, trust and love flow softly through each cell in your body.

Each cell in your body is only a cluster of atoms. Each atom is only a bunch of elementary particles, which physicists don’t really understand. They have theories about them, with impressive mathematical formulas, but they don’t really understand.

First step in paradigm change: watching the meltdown of solidity and physically sensing fluidity. It takes a bit of personal experimentation. You may be helped by methods of meditation, CD’s, videos, …etc, but in the end it’s your journey.

That said, here is a video with beautiful, inspiring pictures. The commentary is a bit verbose though, so perhaps set the volume fairly low down:

Fear not, enjoy rain and sun.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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