Dairy farming big time

Here is a video on Fair Oaks farm, described by its CEO as the “world of 21th century agriculture”:

The quantity of milk produced on that farm covers the consumption of 8 million people.

The CEO presents his operation as a model of animal welfare and environmental protection. There is a fair chance he actually believes it.

Which illustrates what lies at the core of contemporary tyranny: a tight belief system.

Belief that the world is a mechanistic set of things and processes that our science pretty well understands.

Belief that only humans deserve real attention, the rest of life on earth being mere “resources” at their disposal.

Belief that the feelings of cows are irrelevant for the subtle effects of milk on whoever consumes it.

Watch the cows going on the carrousel to be milked. Watch attentively.

Now realise that you are on a similar carrousel when you drive your 4×4 on the motorway, when you stroll along your supermarket’s allays, when you enter your office block, when you go into hospital.

All part of the “world of 21st century”.

Fear not, walk before lunch.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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