In Spain the king mainly has no brain

It wasn’t too clever for the king to go hunting elephants in Botswana while his people endure growing hardship:

Elephants are marvellously complex and sensitive creatures. Killing them for fun is an absolute scandal.

Although he now looks a complete fool, let’s not put all the blame on the king. The true culprit is dominant mentality.

When all that maters is money, power and consequential social posturing, the little man shoots a rabbit, the rich man shoots a tiger, and the royal shoots an elephant.

The little man’s excuse is that he might eat the rabbit, but the privileged have no other driving force than mindless conformism to macho roles of violence.

Let us have compassion for the king, and send him pure love. So positive vibes will make him, and others, respect nature.

Fear not, protect all beasts.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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