Whom to believe?

Not the system, for sure. The aim of official propaganda is to keep us in confusion and ignorance.

Whether about vaccination, feminism, mother-child bonding, wifi’s, medicine, the nuclear industry, finance, or many other subjects, “they” have an agenda.

That much is pretty obvious to all who are not blind, but it only brings us to the starting line.

As there is no shortage of (apparently) non conformist sources of information, discernment is needed.

The tool of discernment is intuition enlightened by trust in the infinitely subtle harmony of the universe.

The world we see around us is not reality. It is only a film projected on the inner screen of our mind. A film made up of bits of perception distorted by emotions and preconceived ideas. And each of us watches a different version.

Once aware of this, we can take a critical look at the scenario and start working on our role.

To help us play a better role, more generous, more loving, and more lucid, the universe sends us a constant stream of messages, which we have to learn to recognise and decode.

That implies a paradigm diametrically opposed to the dominant mechanistic world view.

In other words, to know whom to believe, and what to believe, we have to be well on our way to fundamental spiritual change. And that is a journey no one can make on our behalf.

Fear not, let the sunshine warm your eyelids.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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