Rational approach to the paranormal

The “paranormal”, or “supranormal as I prefer to call it, covers a wide range of phenomena. Some could be explained by official science while others seem impossible to account for without a spiritual vision of the universe.

Finding water, metals, or cavities using a dowsing rod could be explained by the sensitivity of human body to small variations in electromagnetic fields caused by the presence underground of what one tries to detect.

Such sensitivity is unconscious, but causes small movements to the hands holding the dowsing rod, the pendulum, or other amplifying device.

Similarly, the action of energy healers could be explained by their influence on the small electromagnetic fields within patients’ bodies.

But when a psychic is able to give accurate details concerning a person he/she doesn’t know, explanations within the realm of science become much harder to conceive.

Particularly when details provided concern events in progress or events in the future.

Yet such things do happen, and many have been well documented.

Similarly, synchronicities – occurrences which seem to take place against all reasonable odds (“chance” meetings ….) – can hardly be explained scientifically. Yet they happen frequently, as anybody can verify.

Disdainfully denying or ignoring all this, as some narrow minded materialists do, is not rational.

What is rational is to question logically the nature of knowledge and science, and their relation to reality.

Conventional knowledge, including official science, is made up of mental representations of bits of reality constructed on the basis of perceptions through the five senses.

Sensory perceptions can be aided and amplified by various instruments like microscopes, telescopes, ultra sound sensors, etc.

As conventional knowledge depends entirely on perceptions through the five senses and deductive reasoning capacities of the mind, two fundamental questions need to be raised:

– are our five senses the only channels to receive information on reality?

– are deductive reasoning capacities of the mind its only form of information processing?

Although uncertain, the answer to both is most probably no.

In other words, there is logically no reason to assume that conventional knowledge, including official science, offers the only valid representations of reality.

In fact, there is every reason to regard the representations of conventional knowledge as partial, distorted, and only use them as rough tools for limited purposes.

In all logic we have to admit that a broader form of knowledge most probably exists, which we can call supranormal knowledge.

Does this supranormal knowledge imply a spiritual world view?

As suggested earlier, some phenomena could be explained on the basis of extra-sensorial perceptions of a purely physical nature (e.g., electromagnetic captors – which we know exist in many living cells, including in the human body).

But other phenomena would seem to logically have to involve something much more subtle.

For example, when you go in a room and feel a distinct heaviness which turns out to be correlated to violent events that happened in that room, what could be the explanation?

Something like: the brain, heart and other organs of people involved in the violence emitted electromagnetic signals which were picked up by substances in the room (plaster, paint on the walls….) which retained the message structure of the electromagnetic signals.

These substances in the room then re-emit signals with the message of violence, sensors in your body receive them, and your intuitive information processing sends a message to your conscious mind.

In cases of, say, telepathy between twins separated by long distances, one has to stretch still further away from official science to develop plausible explanations.

Eventually it is impossible to avoid facing fundamental questioning on the nature of universal energy, consciousness, intention, and benevolence of conscious intention.

We are then away from conventional knowledge and into spirituality.

Note that the path from one to the other is perfectly rational, in addition to being guided by intuition.

It is rational because it involves plausible and logically coherent assumptions.

In the end, the only wild act of faith is belief in the fundamental goodness of the universe, which you can call belief in the loving divine.

But belief in the loving wholeness of a universe made of energy and consciousness turns out to be a model that neatly accounts for a lot of supranormal phenomena.

This is especially evident in energy based healing methods, in extra sensory communication, in communication with animals and plants, in relationships between people and places,…

It also accounts for the law of attraction, which, contrary to abusive interpretation by money making gurus, only “works” well if intentions are in line with universal love, i.e., not driven by the whims of ego.

Finally, it yields a practical method to live harmoniously, especially through our turbulent times: tune down ego and fear, and let yourself be guided by your intuition, always bearing pure love in mind and body.

For general information on the supranormal, here are three useful sources:

University of Edinburgh – Parapsychology Unit


Parapsychological Association (affiliated to the AAAS), USA


“Institut Métapsychique International”, Paris


Fear not, keep your integrity.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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  1. Laure
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 20:46:33

    Rainer Marie Rilke : We must accept our reality as vastly as we possibly can; everything, even the unprecedented, must be possible within it. This is in the end the only kind of courage that is required of us: the courage to face the strangest, most unusual, most inexplicable experiences that can meet us. The fact that people have in this sense been cowardly has done infinite harm to life; the experiences that are called it apparitions, the whole so-called “spirit world,” death, all these Things that are so closely related to us, have through our daily defensiveness been so entirely pushed out of life that the senses with which we might have been able to grasp them have atrophied. To say nothing of God… (Letters to a Young Poet, letter #8)


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