Lower your guard and smile

Entering the paradigm of trust and love implies more than a new set of ideas about the world; it implies a deep change in the energy controlling our psyche and our physical body.

Many people try to achieve this change through personal development or healing techniques, often to be disappointed.


Because of fundamental fear enshrined in our energy fields.

“Trust in God, but keep your powder dry” was Oliver Cromwell’s advice to his followers.

His words encapsulate the basic mentality which has dominated most of humanity for thousands of years. What they really mean is this: pretend you trust in God, but don’t; in the end, only rely on force or cunning.

This idea is infused in the information grid of every child early in life, often before birth, and possibly from his genetic heritage. We have to root it out of our system to evolve to a higher spiritual plane.


First, by understanding once and for all that “keep your powder dry” no longer makes any sense in the present context of the global crisis.

Power, money, position, recognition, etc. are now illusory protections against multiple pollutions and degradations affecting every aspect of life on the whole planet.

It is clear that the issue is no longer to try and survive as a separate ego, but to reconnect with universal oneness and see the global crisis as a brief formative experience for our eternal self.

Second, by rediscovering the force of intuition and experiencing it physically.

Which means letting deductive intellect on the sideline, as a simple tool to be used when appropriate, to allow natural guidance from the universe do its job.

This takes practice.

Through regularly experiencing the power of intuition in very concrete situations we can tune down fear and become ever freer and more trusting.

Once we begin to live in the paradigm of trust in the universe, events on the material plane no longer frighten us as much.

Yes, there may be atmospheric pollution, and electromagnetic pollution, and sinister characters out here with bad intentions, but all of them are only negative vibrations in the big energy field.

Our own deep seated energy emits positive vibrations in the universe, and the stronger our positive vibrations, the better we feel, regardless of apparent circumstances.

This is ultimate lucidity.

Fear not, and talk to the soil when planting seeds.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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