No leaders, no guru, no dogma

We need to free ourselves from the dominant belief system that pushes mankind to the abyss: ego, fear, competition, materialism, violence.

And we need to boldly embrace a new paradigm of trust and love. Love of everyone, of ourselves, of all there is in the universe without restriction or limitation.

Short of absolute love, we remain trapped in judgments and separation. Which sustains suffering from generation to generation.

The world crisis accelerates. It’s the call to break out of our mental chains. More and more people become aware of this, but they hesitate to throw themselves into a radically different mode of being.

Soon they will realise that radical change carries no risk, as there is nothing to loose any more: the promises of dogmatic religion and science have not been met, and the illusions of consumerism are vanishing before our eyes.

Forget institutionalised teachings, their mechanistic coldness and absurd fragmentation.

And listen to your inner voice, your intuition that connects to oneness. It is the same voice inside you, me and everybody else. It is the eternal voice of universal consciousness. It has one recurring theme: love, pure, unrestrained and magnificent.

This sounds attractive, but perhaps too nice to be true. Isn’t pure love just a theatrical aspiration of sanctimonious do-gooders?

Can it really be a rational option for our time?

Judge for yourself.

From modern physics we can assume that the universe is made up of energy.

Though there are many theories and models in physics, with plenty of inconsistencies between them, all seem to agree that energy is everywhere and lies within what we perceive as matter.

From logic and science we can assume that consciousness fills the universe alongside energy.

We are conscious beings. And we are also open systems. Energy constantly flows through us in various forms, including electromagnetic radiations from the earth, living creatures, stones, the sun, the cosmos. As we are open systems, no frontier between us and the rest of the universe can be marked.

Consciousness cannot possibly be confined to us in the infinitely vast universe.

From observation we can assume that universal consciousness carries intention.

If you carefully observe events in life, it becomes obvious that nothing happens by chance. Synchronicities occur all the time, and all events, big or small, carry subtle messages.

From intuition we can assume that universal consciousness’ intention is love.

Harmony and beauty are everywhere in nature. Aspiration of love fills the heart of every human, even the worst brute. Animals display unconditional love to whoever looks after them with kindness.

What about evil then?

That, we have to admit, is a big mystery.

But then, refer to your practical experience.

Whenever you entertain thoughts and emotions marked by kindness, compassion, appreciation – i.e. love for all including yourself – you feel good, physically and mentally.

Whenever you nourish thoughts and emotions marked by resentment, envy, guilt – i.e. lack of love for all and yourself – you feel terrible, physically and mentally.

If this is too much to accept, you may stick to old beliefs: struggle for life, competition, cunning, violence. In the end, though, living by these beliefs will not deliver much joy.

So why not abandon fear, and go for the bold option of trust and love right now?

Though many spiritual thinkers are trying to say that much, two men have formulated the message with particular integrity and clarity: Jiddu Krishnamurti and Georges Barbarin.

Both had completed their essential writings before the second world war, years ahead of new forms of spirituality becoming popular. Their message is more pertinent than ever.

Neither was fond of organisations, masters and dogma; for them, each soul had to find its own spiritual path.

Krisnamurti (1895 – 1986) is well known and his works are easily accessible, whereas Barbarin (1882 – 1965) is largely forgotten even in his native France, and most of his books are out of print (though some people seem to be trying to change this).

Here are links to access comprehensive material on them:

Fear not, enjoy the spring.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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  1. Laure
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 15:10:46

    Great post Leo! Keep up the good work.


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