Water energized by power of mind

Human beings can energize water through their thoughts.

I have seen it done and I even tried myself. It works: energized water tastes nicer and softer than filtered water off the tap.

The procedure to accomplish this apparent miracle looks extraordinarily simple.

You take a glass of water in your hands, place it close to your chest, look in, and focus your mind on the water.

What happens next depends entirely on the quality of your thoughts and emotions. Total sincerity, absolute trust in the universe and pure intentions are the key. This is not a game; if you simply try to impress people, forget it, it won’t work.

What the phenomenon demonstrates is that a human being can influence matter through thoughts at a very deep level.

An individual’s relationship with universal consciousness translates into an energy envelope in and around his physical body.

If the relationship is sound, the energy envelope is healthy and strong, and the person is a potential healer. He or she can influence biological processes and energize water (which is the main component of living cells).

This can be explained through models some way between conventional science and spirituality, which are consistent with the holistic vision of a universe made of energy and consciousness.

These models refer to energy flows, auras, chacras …, all concepts whose relationship with electromagnetic fields is as yet not fully clarified. Though it must be noted that body electro magnetic fields of a healer engaged in his practice have been shown to be much higher than those emanating from an average person (see reference below).

From all this two fundamental questions arise:

(1) Why doesn’t conventional science explore more proactively these crucial phenomenon’s, instead of pathetically trying to dismiss them?

(2) How far could the influence of thought on matter actually extend?

Conventional science has largely fallen into the hands of big business and its servants in governments and academia.

And big business is keen to maintain everybody in the mental straightjacket of the materialist mechanistic vision of the universe.

This vision suits its modus operandi: standardised products and production methods, low costs, high prices, high profits, no subtlety, no respect for nature, local communities or cultural traditions.

All who deal in subtlety and refinement must be marginalised, dismissed as unscientific, and if possible ridiculed.

As for the second question, tentative thinking could run like this: in the big picture of the universe, the influence on matter of human thoughts is linked to the spiritual level attained.

At the level reached by (some) humans, things like subtle healing or making water healthier and nicer to drink are possible, but moving mountains is still out.

To conclude on a light note, experiments I attended involved not only water, but also wine.

To be more precise a Saumur 2005 (Loire valley). Straight from the bottle this (red) wine was already quite good, but after being energized it turned exceptionally round in the mouth, all harshness removed.

A few days later we conducted experiments with a nice Proseco (white bubbly from North of Venice). We first poured it out in a jug to let most of the gas froth away and then energized a couple of glasses. Again the difference was most pleasing.

But, as said before, this is not a game.

If you only try to impress your guests as part of an ego mini trip, it will fail. The intention must be serious and profound: give your friends a wine blessed with a message of pure love for their own progress, and if your trust and humility are genuine, it will work.

Here is the link to a paper on healers (by Sue Benford) referred to earlier: http://www.journaloftheoretics.com/articles/1-2/benford.html

Fear not, cheers.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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